Friday, October 31, 2014

Beautiful Eggs

I knew it would happen. I guess I just did not totally believe it would. We are really getting eggs now. Some days we get 10 eggs a day. Some of them still choose to lay on the ground but that is okay. We have 21 hens so I expect our numbers to go up over the next couple of months. 

I love watching these chicks run around. I love how they follow me around the yard until I make it into the coop. I think they are proud of themselves. 

Feeling Beachie

The statements: 1. During a__snow storm____, I___hunker down and do not leave the house. I bake and cook and watch movies or maybe re arrange a room. But I do no leave the house.____ 2. Enjoying__ladies night out___ is___refreshing for me and gives me energy to go for months. _____ 3. Listening to__praise music____ is something__I do to get my life back on track, or relax when I am stressed_____ 4. Answering_to someone who is judging me_____ can be _over whelming and makes me think for days even if I know I did nothing wrong._______
Feeling Beachie

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just Hanging Around

I sat next to him for 20 minutes talking on the phone and the entire time he just slept hanging off the bed. This boys both scares me and cracks me up.

Happy ????Birthday

I have been with this man since I was a freshman in high school. This man who has given me 7 blessings.
Today this man turns older than dirt, I can say that because I am not as old as him. 
This man is so amazing to me, he works every day then comes home and works more. He listens to my dreams and dreams with me. 
I am so grateful that he is home to celebrate his birthday with us. I hope we can make it special for him.

Cast Update

This week James had his follow up for his broken arm. I seriously think we could have won the million dollar prize for his face when they took off the cast. His whole body laughed as they took it off. 
He chose a pink cast this time. I do not mind that he chose a pink cast. Actually let me clarify, it is not a pink cast it is a bubble gum cast. And in case you were wondering his last cast was pumpkin not orange. 

I love this little boy. I love his heart and the way he talks and thinks.
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