Monday, September 1, 2014

Growing Up too Fast

I don't know when it happened but my baby girl grew up. Okay she is only 7 but I see it. I see her changing and while I love it I know how quickly it happens and how sad that makes me. 
So during story time at Great Wolf Lodge when she asked to set in my lap I jumped on the chance. Then I just sat there and watched her. Looked at her nose and her ears and how beautiful she is. I am so grateful for the blessings God has given me to care for. 

Clothing Issues

I said no sagging and to pull up his pants. 
He said then mom stop getting flour on my clothes. This boy has serious clothing issues. 



Life is busy these days. One of the farmers markets have sadly ended but the other one still has 6 weeks. I am really going to miss it when it is over. 
I will look forward to more time to focus on things at home. If you know me well then you know it is killing me that my closets are a mess. These wonderful goodies are from a neighbor. She had extra and gave them to us. 

This morning I sent my husband fishing. Life has been busy with no signs of slowing. So this morning I sent him fishing. Why did I send him fishing when we have so much to do. Because he works so hard for us. Not just as a soldier but he comes home and is constantly fixing things or building things for us. Some days we just have to stop and take time to rest, take time to enjoy all that God has given us. Some times I forget that. I forget how fast the kids grow up. I forget to stop and let them be kids. 

Sneaky Boy

Mom, I am doing nothing. I  am not eating a yogurt package. I am not hiding next to the cords so I can chew on them when you are not looking. 

Have I told you he is rotten?

Pure Rotten

This boy is a rotten mess. A mess that keeps me on my toes. I love him to pieces. My hero built a baby gate leading to the basement but we had to make one for the second set of stairs. I turned my back for a second and he learned to climb the stairs.
I turned my back for a second and he walked right into a chair. His poor lip was so swollen. 

Love this boy. 
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