Saturday, July 26, 2014

Garden Veggies

Something in our garden is growing well. 
Now it is time to start cooking all these yummy zucchinis. I am thinking grilled and baked and turned into chips and made into bread. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Homemade salsa

It started simply. A neighbor gave us some onions and tomatoes. That's all it took to decide we should try our hand at homemade salsa. 
That has now turned into making 40 jars setting in my pantry with plenty more to come. We have used several differerent recipes. But our favorite is 
6 tomatoes 
1 can diced tomatoes 
1 onion 
1 jalapeƱo 
1/4 fresh cilantro 
But I encourage you to look at some of the recipes I have on Pinterest. We have made mild and salsa. 

Thumbprints with Homemade Jelly

I love thumbprint cookies. You can feel them with anything. I found this recipe on Pinterest. It called for using gummy bears  on the top. 
I used my homemade jellies. So for these cookies I used candy apple, blueberry, strawberry-watermelon and peach jelly. 
  You can find this amazing recipe on Pinterest. 

Feeling Beachie

Oh dear Feeling Beachie I have missed you. I do not know where my weeks have gone but things have been crazy and wonderful and busy. The statements: I find ___the Bible_________very __interesting, hard to understanding, comforting and my guide book._____________ My favorite ___dessert____ is__a sampler of banana pudding with a brownie and ice cream and maybe a piece of hot apple pie on the side.___ Why do I always _talk down to myself, expect more than I am capable of doing and then build others up and remind them of the truth about how wonderful they are doing___? My favorite time of the day is ___early morning, before anyone else wakes up_______ because __I can get things done, I can listen to the birds and the goats talking and then breath. I love my kids but it gives me time to think. _______ Pamela
Feeling Beachie

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ISPY Quilt

I am hosting a quilt square exchange to help make a ISPY quilt. If you are interested I. Joining please let me know. I cannot wait to see all the neat quilts that will be made. 
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